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About Anaya

Anaya: brought to you by a family who loves tequila and who lovingly tastes the results of each batch to ensure top-notch quality. As the owners of Los Reyes Restaurante Y Cantina in Vacaville, CA we’ve become known for tequila, yet we wanted to present our friends and guests with an authentic experience straight from one of Jalisco’s most reputable, award-winning distilleries.

Meet The Family

Our small-batch tequilas have a distinct agave flavor and a distinctive profile which presents creative twists. Designed to delight, every variety offers a tantalizing, unforgettable adventure for tequila aficionados and newcomers alike.


Pure agave flavor with a peppery kick.
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Sweet and smoky, subtle flavor highlights.
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Superbly smooth flavor with a clean finish.
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Extra Añejo

Delightfully bold, with a whiskey finish.
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